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We've built a platform to enjoy cryptocurrency as the way of life! .
Stake, Invest & Trade Your Cryptocurrency With Us.

Members can stake there cryptocurrencies or invest with us to earn awesome APY or ROI as well can trade with our latest technology super AI Trading Bot to make guaranteed profit                      in own Binance spot wallet .

Earn Promotional Points.

While making profit with us you can earn promotional points to enjoy quality shopping, holidays food, entertainment, health & wellness related services.

Affiliate Program

If you like our products & services you can share with your near & dears to make additional awesome incomes & awards.

Welcome To Majestic Track.

Technology always makes human life easy & fast. Blockchain technology is the best gift of 21st century. It helps to deal fast, secure, transparently & most important without any third party enrollment means it's decentralize. By 2040 experts predicts all industries & business will based only on Blockchain including internet. Where there is use of Blockchain technology we must use the cryptocurrency as the payment method. Rise of Blockchain & cryptocurrency industry experts expect from 2025. So this is good time to study the best Blockchain base projects and invest in there coin & tokens which will use in that project as payment or other activities.

Team Majestic Track not only educates newcomers to understand the Blockchain technology & invest in it to build wealth but also to enjoy cryptocurrency as the way of life.


Developing Blockchain Base Projects & Launch ICO, STO & IEO.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Awareness Programmes.

Shopping, Holidays, Food, Entertainment, Health Wellness Base Services.

Cryptocurrency Investment Fund & Portfolio Management Services.


Our Token Sale

Majestic Token is Utility Token Of Game Kalyuga where participants can enroll with it & create team to play to win rewards. Majestic token also can utilize in Majestic Track ecosystem for different activities to pay as payment. Only Total 10 Million Majestic token provide many advantages to investors & users. Our Majestic Token distribution is as shown below.

token sale

Understanding Token Distribution is very important. Here is our Majestic token distribution details.

For Advisory Team 5%
For Development Team10%
For Bounty Programn5%
For Community Building 10%
Pre ICO Sale 10%
For Strategic Partnership 10%
For Public Sale 55%
About Us

Majestic Track established in 2020 with experienced team in Financials, Blockchain & cryptocurrency. Majestic Track is registered in Australia & Dubai UAE. Apart From Blockchain base product development We are working as market maker for cryptocurrency & as aggregater for shopping, holidays, Food entertainment, Health & wellness services.

We started Intially to conduct Blockchain & cryptocurrency awareness programmes online & offline. In 2022 we started Blockchain & cryptocurrency investment consultation services. This year 2023 we have started to build Blockchain base projects.

Our mission is to provide Blockchain base best quality products & services to our customers & our vision is to build an ecosystem to enjoy cryptocurrency as the way of life.

Our Projects

Our Projects

Majestic Token is focusing on projects to build with which members not only can make money but also found solution for there Blockchain technology related solutions also. Our some of awesome projects are mentioned here in brief.

Metaverce Base Game Kalyuga (The Last World)

Kalyuga is the amazing & awesome Metaverce base game based on Santan Dharma fight between Sur ( Devils) & Asura ( Evil). This game not only provides the entertainment & opportunity to make money but also to learn leadership & management.

Metaverce Base shopping, holidays, entertainment, corporate & family events.

Future Is Metaverce. We are working on awesome Virtual world to learn, earn & enjoy many things to make human life fast & better with less time & money.

Majestic Web3 Wallet.

Our Web3 Wallet with many awesome new features helps you to store & swap your blockchain base assets like coin, token, Nft's etc.

AI Trading Bot

Our awesome Binance AI spot trading bot with latest high technology helps you to make guaranteed profit without watching & wasting your time in graph, candel & news.


company roadmap

Majestic Track established in 2020 with experienced team in Blockchain & cryptocurrency to provide technical & financials services.

Started to research on Metaverce Base Projects.

Shopping, Holidays, Food, Entertainment & Health Wellness services starts.

Global Crypto Investoers Summit & Launch of game Kalyuga.

Majestic Track started to help small & institutional investoers to guide & help in cryptocurrency market.

Registered in Australia & Dubai UAE. Started Crypto investment fund & launch of All Crypto Trading Bot.

Game Kalyuga treser & NFT launch.

Majestic Web3 Wallet launch.

our team

team members

The Team behind the project plays a very important roll to make it succeed. A well educated & experienced team with a good mission vision and especially intention makes project big. Majestic Track has a very strong team to help & support you to achieve your financial goals.


Oscar Ferrero

Marketing Director

Mr. Kim Bonddid

Financial Director

Jessica Jones

Public Relation Officer

Sothornwathana Chhorn

Operations Director

Lars Andersson
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